GC Regulations

1. Must be 16 years or older by tournament date or must be 40 years or older by the tournament date to enter Senior Division. Random ID check will be conducted; US govt. issued ID is required.
2. A team must represent an organization of their choice with a minimum requirement that one player from the team is a member/employee of the organization they represent.
3. A team must have minimum 4 players at any level and maximum of 12 players for each available level. One player may represent for only one team.
4. Player must have consent from the team captain before transferring to other team. Team captain; please do not recruit other team members.
5. Player may enter maximum of 2 events only and prohibited to play in 2 different levels for the same or different type of event with the same or different partner.
6. Player who lost both 1st matches on the main and consolation draws on their last tournament may enter the lower level for this tournament. For example, if they play in Advanced, they may go down to Intermediate level on the next tournament. This rule also applies for Intermediate level players to go down to Beginner level.
7. Player who won 1st place for 2 consecutive tournaments, at the same level, event, and with the same partner, must either move up a level, change partner, or take a break on the next tournament. If player is already in Advanced level, the player/s must take a break or change partner for the next tournament.
8. We reserved the right to move players to accordance levels or disqualify player/s if they are caught to be playing below their skill level and not caught or moved by the tournament committee prior to tournament draw.
9. Please see our website GC FAQ section for the Funky Pairing rules for the Advanced Level. All pairing will be reviewed and subject upon Tournament Organizer approval.
10. We reserved the right to combine or cancel any event or level if there are not enough entries. Minimum entry per event for any level is 3 single players or 3 double pairs.
11. Player will be defaulted from a match if he/she is not available within 10 minutes from the time the match is called. Player will not be defaulted if he/she is being called earlier than the published tournament schedule.
12. A match is best 2 out of 3 games. A game has 21 points BWF rally scoring system. A deuce in a game is when each side has 20 points each. A win in a deuce situation is when one side led by 2 points or reached the 30 points first.
13. All consolation matches are only 1 game of 21 points with deuce. Players must switch side during the 1 minute break at 11 points interval. Except, Final consolation match is best 2 out of 3 games.
14. Line judging/calling is a player's closest to the shuttlecock responsibility, unless the tournament organizer assigned an umpire or line judge for the match. If there is dispute, tournament organizer can choose either a re-play or coin toss.
15. A 3 minutes warm-up is allowed before the start of the first game on each match. 1-minute interval is allowed on the 11th point of a game. 1 minute break is allowed in between game 1, 2 or 3. Players must switch court side after each game. If game 3 is being played, players must also switch court side during the 1 minute 11th point interval.
16. Players may not leave the court during a match for any reason except injury or damage to equipment or apparel.
17. Player is responsible for his/her own health/accidental insurance in case of injury/emergency during the tournament/event.
18. Coach/Team captain must present during the tournament and must remain present until the conclusion of the tournament. Coach/Team captain must be 18 yrs or older.
19. Coaching only allowed while the birdie is not on play, during the 11th point interval, or break in between games.
20. Only 2 shuttlecocks will be given per match. If more shuttlecocks are required to finish a match, each player must supply 1 shuttlecock. To maintain consistency and enjoyment of the match, we suggested the use minimum of Yonex Aerosensa 20 shuttlecocks or equivalent.
21. The total points collected from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners from all events at the Advanced, Intermediate & Senior levels will determine the Team Winner.
   a. For Advanced and Intermediate levels: A singles player and a doubles pair will earn 2 points. If a doubles pair made up of 2 players from the 2 different teams, each player will earn 2 points for their respective team.
   b. For Senior & Beginner levels: A doubles pair will earn 1 point. If a doubles pair made up of 2 players from the 2 different teams, each player will earn 1 point for their respective team.
   c. Beginner level points will be counted only if there is total points tie and only between teams that in the tied.
   d. Winning Team will have their team name engraved on the LFB trophy and receive the prize money to be donated for the team's charity of choice.
22. Registration fee must be paid when signing the registration form. A $5.00 LATE FEE will be collected if the player chooses to pay after the tournament registration deadline. Returned check fee is $25/attempt.
23. FULL REFUND will be given if player withdraw before the tournament draw is published. No refund after the tournament draw is published. We will publish the tournament draw on our website 3 days before the tournament day.
24. Privacy statement: We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting the security of your personal information. Rest assured that we will not share your personal information to anyone. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards designed to protect your personal information.
25. All players must comply with U.S. Anti Doping Agency. Violation will result in disqualification or reversal.



How do I form a team?
You must have at least 4 players in a team and your team name must represent an organization/business. For example: you can use team "Google" if you work for Google and have their permission to use their name for this event. You may not use team "Tiger". Please contact us if you have any question.

Does everybody in the team must belong or work for the organization/business?
No, only 1 member/employee of an organization/business. He/she must be the team captain.

Will my team have a chance to win if I don't have that many players?
In the past, we have a team of 8 players who won the trophy. So team of 4 may not be enough to win, but the more you have doesn't guarantee your winning chances either. We have a maximum of 10 players per level on each team.

How do the team point being counted?
We count all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as 2 points (Advanced & Intermediate) or 1 point (Senior & Beginner) for both singles or doubles. The only exception is for a doubles pair that made up of players from 2 different teams which in this case each team will earn either 2 or 1 point each depending on the level. We count the points from the Advanced, Intermediate levels and Senior division and the team with the most point win. If there is a tie, we will count the points from the Beginner level and only between the teams that in the tied. We will equally split the prize money between the teams in the tied if the tie cannot be resolved with the points from the Beginner level.

How do I know which level I should play?
The general rule is if you can or occasionally play at "B" level or higher, you should play at the "Advanced" level. "C" level is for Intermediate and "D" level for Beginner. Please ask your team captain about your level and remember there is no honor in winning if you cheat.

What is the Funky Pairing rules for the Advanced Level?
MD: Male A + Male C
MD: Female A/B + Female A/B
MD: Male A + Female B/C

WD: Female A + Female C

XD: Male A + Female C
XD: Male C + Female A
XD: Female A/B + Female B/C

All pairing will be reviewed and subject upon Tournament Organizer approval.

How do LFB determine the types of draw?
Round Robin if there are 3 to 4 entries (event will be cancelled if less than )
Full Feed Double Elimination up to Semi Final if there are 5 to 8 entries (Consolation Draw will be for the 3rd place)
1st Match Double Elimination if more than 9 entries (in general no future match after the 2nd lost, except at the Semi Final round, they will play for 3rd place)

Will there be umpire or line judges for my match?
Official umpire and line judges will not be provided because this is not a sanction tournament. However, if there is a dispute during the match, you may request for one. Please do so immediately/early in the game.

Why the prize money must be donated for a charity/non-profit organization?
Our focuses have always been Friendship and Good Cause. We believe that we can use our badminton talent to help/benefit others who are in need.

What is the minimun age to play at the GC series tournament?
16 yrs old by the tournament date or 40 yrs old by the tournament date to enter the Senior division.

There is prize money for the Advanced level, but I am not 18 yrs old yet, can I collect the prize money?
Yes, you may.

More FAQ coming soon ...